Technical tips to reach your crowdfunding goals

Top technical tips to help you reach your crowdfunding & marketing goals:


Bad quality video is a real turn off when attracting potential investors. It’s distracting, annoying & unprofessional. Make sure your video has the quality needed to sell you or your product. Including high quality video from your iPhone (other phones are available!) isn’t a problem – just make sure it’s audible and stable enough to view without feeling sick. During our latest Crowdcube video, we used all kinds of footage sent to us from all over the world, and had to make some tough decisions as to the best way to use the footage seamlessly. Around 10% of the video was filmed on iPhones, 20% was old footage the company had, and the rest was new footage filmed in London by us with a Canon 5d.


It’s never an afterthought. If you’re just about to start recording and there’s no microphone in sight, then stop! Bad sound is the difference between your audience staying tuned in, or switching off completely. Lapel microphones can be hired from many hire companies across the UK quite cheaply. If you’re using background music, mix it in correctly, don’t let it drown out your voiceover.


Light your subject well, otherwise you’ll end up with grainy footage. Lighting is the difference between a amateur youtube video, and a slick, professional pitch video. You can buy LED toplights for SLRs very cheaply these days!


Video Editing programmes are getting simpler. Don’t get me wrong – you won’t be a great editor by spending some weekends on FCPX, but you might pick up the basics. Try to make your edit visually interesting, to catch people’s attention and engage them. During The Stable’s campaign, we used footage taken from shows, interviews, self-filmed testimonials, rehearsals and recording studio sessions to create our story.

For the amateur – try iMovie, Movavi, or any free editor. They’re restrictive, but not too mind-boggling for a beginner. If you fancy being bit more adventurous, then look into Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Avid Media Composer.

If you need help, then here’s the sales pitch… We can help pull your ideas together; whether you need us to put the final touches to your edit, or work with you through the whole process from concept to completion. Alternatively, if you want a bit of advice just email us and we’ll be happy to help!