Recently, the Meantime team were approached by Westco with a project. The aim was to create a film that would help The Sir Simon Milton Foundation raise awareness of the issue of loneliness and isolation, within the elderly communities of Westminster.

Rosemary’s story is a moving and compelling reminder that we need to be working much harder to combat this issue. Which is exactly what The Sir Simon Milton Foundation is working to achieve with Silver Sunday.

Rosemary is 86 year-old, and a retired NHS worker of 25 years, from Pimlico, London. In the film, she explains her feelings of loneliness:

“If you live alone, you are under house arrest: your friends are just the four walls. Maybe you can hear people talk outside when they pass. People think… you don’t feel the pain. But you feel the pain inside.”

But last year, Rosemary took part in a special Silver Sunday dance. She continues:

“I thought patchwork was my life and that was it. But there was another type of life I could take.  is the best present for old people because lots of us were there and we did away with loneliness.”

Watch the film here:

Silver Sunday aspires to change the story around loneliness in older people in the UK, to ensure that nobody has to suffer from feeling alone.

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