So, we might have had a teeny bit of bad luck the other day on our way to CEFAS…

We were out filming in Lowestoft at Cefas for UEA’s Science Analytical Facility when disaster struck! Joe’s car decided it wanted to break down…

This then left us a little bit stranded with nothing to do but sit down and enjoy a nice brew (the only logical option, we know).

filming video cefas

car breakdown cefas













Like the true heroes we are, we managed to splutter our way to the shoot; capture everything we needed to and get a smashing job done (just with a broken car left in a car park to be dealt with later…).

But despite an unreliable vehicle, our shoot with Cefas still managed to go according to plan. It was an interesting day for us learning lots of new things from the experts there. Cefas is the UK’s most diverse centre for applied marine and freshwater science and research, and they help to create and secure healthy and sustainable marine and freshwater environments. But more importantly they also use this pretty wicked tool that Joe can’t stop talking about, which basically coats everything in a layer of gold.

Catch the video we made here:

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